Bar designs plays the most crucial role in defining its identity and atmosphere. A well designed bar should complement the quality of the drinks on offer and create a good ambience for its patrons.

A bar can also help reflect the overall feel of the place where the bar is located in. Most cities in the developed world, for instance, now have bars that can be identified as individual and particular to their city, even becoming an essential port of call for first time visitors.

Historically, bars existed as roman taverns or an Anglo Saxon ale house. Later, public house were houses that had been opened to the public as a ‘living room’ for the local inhabitants. Since then, of course, bars have surpassed their original refreshment function; being a place where alcohol was on offer,  to something completely different. Many traditional pubs have been refurbished into bars with more focus on the atmosphere and the experience of the venue as opposed to simply being a “drinking house”. The word ‘bar’ in it’s modern context is the American or International idea of an establishment with a wider range of drinks & often cocktails, on offer.


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